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Basketball Analytics

Ludis provides recruitment and performance command centers with automated data management for professional and college basketball teams.

Ludis offers a library of 8 unique basketball apps spanning:

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Team level analysis
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Individual player analysis
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Recruitment tools and dashboards
Ludis’ Competitive Advantage

• Make Better Use of your Untapped Data
• Deploy Automated Data Ingestion across Multiple Unique Sources
• Access out-of-the-box Insights Without Complex Workflows

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"I can't put into words how much easier this has made my life, It is fast, organized, detailed, and the easy-to-read format makes it a game changer in my day-to-day. Normally it would have taken me weeks to do all the calculations by hand to break down the full season data. I got it done in a day and a half."
- Stanford Basketball Coach
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Data Source Integrations

Ludis natively connects and automates the data ingestion for the following data sources

Traditional Data Providers
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IoT Device Data
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Strength and Conditioning Data
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Additional Custom Data Source integrations available upon request
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Player Comparison Application

Ideal for Recruitment & Personnel, the basketball command center allows users to select one player from any league and compare their play style by position, conference, season, and class year. This is ideal for college coaches evaluating talent in the transfer portal and scouting opposing players.

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The Four Factors Application

The Four Factors application allows users to evaluate a team's performance based on their “Four Factors”. It uses predictive analysis to estimate a team’s win probability against an opponent based on their four factor values. This is ideal for coaches and analysts who wish to understand how their team matches up with opposing teams in these four key statistical categories.

Player Profiles

With player profiles, the user can click any player within Ludis' Basketball Command Center, and be taken to a profile page. These pages showcase scouting reports. This is ideal for coaches and scouts who wish to quickly examine players on their own team or opposing teams.

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