Cricket Analytics

For professional cricket teams, Ludis centralizes disparate sources of data to deploy impactful visualizations and applications.

Our platform empowers cricket executives to derive insights across team performance, player selection, and fan engagement.

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How to Use Ludis for Cricket

Ludis’ data platform transforms any cricket organization's analytics capability from zero to one.

With a full ecosystem from data ingestion to executive insights for each department, Ludis offers a streamlined, cloud-native product that empowers cricket clubs to develop players, win matches, and create novel data analytics.

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“Ludis is an integral component of our data ecosystem at CNSW. Initially, Ludis were brought on board to deploy existing applications
on their platform and create a live connection to all of our data sources.
Now, Ludis is a platform through which data professionals can develop, deploy, and empower stakeholders to interact with dashboards and bespoke apps.”
- Scott Peterson
Lead Data Scientist
Cricket New South Wales
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The Ludis Solution

• Data Challenges: Organizations  need a single source of truth for recruitment, performance, and competition data and analytics

• Decrease Manual Data Processing
: With “compound interest” on analytics workflows, Ludis enables automated application deployment  reducing manual toil from analysts

Out-of-the-box Solutions: Without requiring large teams of expensive consultants and developers, Ludis rapidly accelerates the deployment of data analytics for any cricket organization

Teamwork: Ludis empowers data practitioners to work collaboratively,  and contribute to the tech stack in an agile way

Automate Version Control: Data scientists are able to deploy programs and apps while controlling environments, which normally hinder the longevity of deliverables. Dependencies and package versions can be monitored and managed through the platform

Seamless Integrations

Combine data ingestion, manipulation, visualization, and executive-level insights within a single, comprehensive data ecosystem

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The Ludis Platform

Save time ingesting your data with automated data preparation workflows and pre-cleaned datasets.

Develop proprietary algorithms, build applications, publish reports, and deploy data science models.

Review findings and share feedback with your data science team via published reports and applications.

Access additional premium content from the Ludis team and our external partners.

All in one place
Prepare data from all of your data sources
Ingest all of your data in a usable format
Run models and analyze your data
Visualize and share insights

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