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Rugby Analytics

Ludis’ rugby insights have successfully been deployed by Premiership Sides and National Rugby Unions across the globe.

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Ludis offers a library of 30+ unique rugby apps spanning:

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Team level analysis
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Individual player analysis
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Recruitment tools and dashboards
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Ludis’ Competitive Advantage

• Make Better Use of your Untapped Rugby Data
• Deploy Automated Data Ingestion across Multiple Unique Sources
• Access out-of-the-box Insights Without Complex Workflows

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“Ludis Analytics is a massive difference-maker for any rugby team’s performance. Their platform brings together all the different data sets available and packages it into a single tool that benefits the entire team.”
- Kieran Read
Former Captain of the New Zealand All Blacks
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Data Source Integrations

Ludis natively connects and automates the data ingestion for the following data sources

Traditional Data Providers
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IoT Device Data
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Strength and Conditioning Data
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Additional Custom Data Source integrations available upon request
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Scouting Dashboard

View your own team-level stats for an individual match and analyze an opponent's form across any 3 games. Specific breakdowns by Scoring, Attack, Defense, Set Piece, and Discipline provide insight into team and opponent performance.

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Player Position Analysis

Allows users to assess players' performance in each position along with selected KPIs. Used for player selection and recruitment across different leagues. Ideal for teams that recruit globally and regularly assess player KPIs.

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The Ludis Platform

Save time ingesting your data with automated data preparation workflows and pre-cleaned datasets.

Develop proprietary algorithms, build applications, publish reports, and deploy data science models.

Review findings and share feedback with your data science team via published reports and applications.

Access additional premium content from the Ludis team and our external partners.

All in one place
Prepare data from all of your data sources
Ingest all of your data in a usable format
Run models and analyze your data
Visualize and share insights

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