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The founding team joined forces to combine their expertise across predictive athlete performance, big-data analytics, and scalable SaaS platforms. With the help of our team, we built a scalable end-to-end data science platform to empower organizations to manage and derive value from their data.

Ludis has since been deployed in organizations across Australia, New Zealand, Japan and the U.S. We believe that we're in a period of a rapid growth for data-driven enterprises as data is being generated at an exponential rate across industries.

What do we believe in?
People First
Take care of our employees
Provide value to our customers
Take ownership of the outcome
Embrace Accountability
Iterate quickly and efficiently
Be a goldfish & problem solve
Bring our authentic selves to work, ready to collaborate
Provide honest feedback - coachable moments
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countries & U.S. states where employees live and work remotely


unique sports deployed, across Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and the U.S.

What makes Ludis special
Our advantage is our team of experts
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Fun people
Great benefits
Flexible hours and remote work ability
Competitive compensation

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