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End-to-end data experience

All in one place to integrate data, prepare data, deploy interactive apps and generate consumer insights.

Use Ludis' inline code editor to build, publish, and deploy data science applications with ease
Flexible Coding Environment
Our code editor provides a flexible coding environment that enables users to build, publish, and deploy apps and DAGs. The system supports both R and Python, allowing users to work with the language they prefer.
Github Integration
Users can also connect to their Github account to access any existing code they may have, allowing for faster development and deployment.
Environment Variable Management
A powerful feature within our coding environment allows users to securely store sensitive data. It protects the data from being accidentally shared or exposed, and also makes it easier to manage and update in the future.
Cut down on manual work and

Automate data inflow

Upload data from various sources into a single, secure location
Automatically refresh data sets from a multitude of formats
Optimize your data management with dataset tags and metadata info
All in one place
Prepare data from all of your data sources
Ingest all of your data in a usable format
Run models and analyze your data
Visualize and share insights

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