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Ludis’ cloud-native platform includes built-in machine learning algorithms, collaborative DIY data science tools, secure data storage, and robust visualization libraries, which can apply insights to any sport. 

Ludis has had tremendous success partnering with teams worldwide to deliver game-changing analyses and data-driven insights.
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Sports organizations are drowning in data with varied output formats. A unified source of truth is required to integrate these disparate sources together into a cohesive, decision-oriented environment.

The Ludis Solution

Ludis provides a unique, streamlined platform that integrates data ingestion, manipulation, visualization, and executive-level insights within a single, comprehensive data ecosystem.

Make better use of your untapped data
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Deploy automated data ingestion across multiple sources
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Access out-of-the-box insights without complex workflows
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The Ludis Platform

Save time ingesting your data with automated data preparation workflows and pre-cleaned datasets.

Develop proprietary algorithms, build applications, publish reports, and deploy data science models.

Review findings and share feedback with your data science team via published reports and applications.

Access additional premium content from the Ludis team and our external partners.

All in one place
Prepare data from all of your data sources
Ingest all of your data in a usable format
Run models and analyze your data
Visualize and share insights

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