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End-to-end data experience

All in one place to integrate data, prepare data, deploy interactive apps and generate consumer insights.

Create and review interactive dashboards.
Interactive Dashboards
Easy access to actionable insights, the Insights section can help organizations make more informed business decisions and identify new opportunities for growth.
Our insights dashboard is a collection of visualizations and data filters to quickly give you insights. You can easily switch between visualizations to find the one that fits your needs, saving you ample amounts of time
Customizable Apps With No-Code Tools
Don’t know how to code?  With our templates and customizable features, users can easily create interactive dashboards and apps without any coding experience.
Preview image of dashboard of applications available to paying customers of Ludis Analytics
Sharable Insights Across Multiple Teams
Insights are sharable, allowing for easy collaboration among team members. It allows multiple users to access and work with the same data, making it easier to collaborate.
Sharing system is easy to understand and allows you to collaborate with team members across your entire organization instantly
Cut down on manual work and

Automate data inflow

Upload data from various sources into a single, secure location
Automatically refresh data sets from a multitude of formats
Optimize your data management with dataset tags and metadata info
All in one place
Prepare data from all of your data sources
Ingest all of your data in a usable format
Run models and analyze your data
Visualize and share insights

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