A Look Into Fashion and Web3

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Yuxiao Zhang

Interested in knowing the buying power and wealth of your web3 customer groups? Want to do this quickly and efficiently without touching SQL? Ludis’ web3 insights command center is the perfect place to do this and this week we’re starting a series of posts focused on the fashion industry to highlight our tools. We’ll start with Tiffany & Co. and their NFTiff project.

Tiffany & Co., did you all know that there’s only 1 wallet with over 280 Eth ($360K) participating in your NFT collection? 3 with over 200 Eth? 21 with over 50 Eth? Interestingly enough, those 21 wallets with over 50 Eth become just 17 when you look at wallets that have been active for over 1 year. They tend to make 1.4 transactions per day as a cohort with an average transaction value of 0.48 Eth (~$600). Imagine this group buying Tiffany’s branded goods at this rate every day for a year, equating to $3.7M of revenue from just 17 individuals. The ability to target and understand these web3 users will be instrumental in driving future revenue.

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But how do you continue to keep valuable customers engaged? One method is new brand partnerships. We can help identify other web3 brand partners by quickly looking at what NFTiff holders also purchased recently and see if there’s a company Tiffany’s should be partnering with for their next project. One such collection is Metroverse (https://metroverse.com/) which is one of the top 5 holdings of NFTiff owners. Perhaps pendants or jewelry made to show off their city block.

Metroverse City Block

These are just some of the insights Ludis can provide. If you want to understand more about your web3 customers and find new ways to engage with them, our platform is the perfect place to start.

We’ll explore another luxury brand’s NFT project in our next post and wrap things up with a summary of the industry and comparison of each brand’s power ranking.

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For reference, here’s a quick snapshot of our Wallet Detailer app which we used to start this analysis.