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web3 Analytics for Enterprise

Unlocking never-before-seen customer insights by combining web3 data with Web 2.0 and Enterprise data. Designed for data-driven organizations looking to leverage web3 to accelerate their business.

Screenshot of Ludis platform
Users & Engagement Metrics
Txn Prices
Txn Values
Txn Frequencies
Ownership %
Purchasing Power
Product Sales Metrics
Avg. Sale Price
Sales KPIs
Inventory KPIs
Competing Sales Metrics 
Supported Blockchains
The Ludis Advantage
Centralize the entire data science process in an intuitive application.
Teams can connect data, prepare it, store it and create shareable analytics and visualizations in one place
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Command center of web3 Apps
No SQL Needed
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Our Starting Product Tier
The Ludis web3 Command Center

As our starting tier product, you'll get a dashboard with preselected blockchain data and prebuilt visualizations to quickly understand how customers are engaging with your web3 products. For more customization and flexibility, speak to our team about our enterprise tier product.

Screenshot of Ludis platform
Screenshot of Ludis platform
Deep dive into user behaviors
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Predict collection success with multiple variables
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Compare collections
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Understand user adoption and engagement
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Chart demonstrating Ludis web3 offering
People, Not Just Wallets & Assets

Current web3 analytics that focus on assets and wallets are primarily designed for financial investment firms and traders.

Despite a significant amount of web3 data being publicly accessible, technical difficulties remain a barrier to entry. It is even more complex to integrate it with other large data sets such as social media data or internal Enterprise data, which is what is needed to generate actionable insights. This is where Ludis comes in.

Clustering and segmentation

Select Use Cases

Segment users by a multitude of variables (wallet age, transaction history, ownership history, and more)
Discover similarities user groups
Understand user behaviors