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A streamlined environment for managing the entire data science and analytics workflow across your organization
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What we offer
End-to-end data experience

All in one place to integrate data, prepare data, deploy interactive apps and generate consumer insights.

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Develop proprietary algorithms, build applications, publish reports, and deploy data science models.
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Save time ingesting your data with automated data preparation workflows and pre-cleaned datasets
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Review findings and share feedback with your data science team via published reports and applications.
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Understand the flow of insights generated through Ludis Analytics' data visualization tool. Quickly switch from bar charts to line graphs to any other visualization of your choosing
Upload, access, and manage your data from various sources in a single, secure location.
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Something for everyone

Regardless of your skill level with data science, we've got a product class for you. Everything from no-code to full fluency in programming

Use Cases
We meet you where you are

We empower organizations to draw effective and accessible data insights, quickly.

Why Ludis?
Identify the signal from the noise

share insights to make data-driven decisions and leverage third-party partners all in one platform

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All in one place
End-to-end environment to integrate data sets, deploy out-of-the-box algorithms, and consume insights
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Customer obsessed
Our team is laser-focused on driving value for our customers.
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Share securely with secret key, common encryption, and access control.
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Easy deployment
Our customers accelerate their analytics capabilities without hiring additional engineers.
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All skill levels
We provide tools to fill the needs of both advanced to no code experience level.
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Fosters collaboration
Easy-to-use dashboards and visualizations are all sharable on Ludis.
Customer Review
" Ludis is an integral component of our data ecosystem at CNSW. Ludis is a platform through which data professionals can develop, deploy and empower stakeholders to interact with dashboards and bespoke apps.”
Principal Data Scientist at Cricket New South Wales
Cricket Customer Logo
Customer Review
"I can't put into words how much easier this has made my life, It's fast, organized, detailed and easy to read format makes it a game changer in my day to day. Normally it would have taken me weeks to do all the calculations by hand to breakdown the full season data. I got it done in a day and a half. "
Stanford Basketball Coach
Stanford University Logo
Customer Review
"Our clients consistently highlight the urgent need for an end-to-end platform that interprets and communicates the story behind their data. With limited in-house expertise and resources, many organizations can greatly benefit from Ludis Analytics' solution. Elite sporting organizations now face the exciting opportunity of leveraging the vast data they have collected over the past decade."
Vald Performance, Laurie Malone CEO
VALD Sports data logo
WHy Ludis?
End-to-end data science and analytics, in one convenient place
Collaborate with your team
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Save time for what matters
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We meet you where you are
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