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From data preparation to app creation, our platform is the all-in-one solution for your needs.

Image showing data workflow automation interface. Users will be able to turn on workflows to automate data extraction, cleaning, and prep. Users can also troubleshoot failed data pulls from this dashboardContact Us
The Automator's Struggles
Common pain points
Are you looking for a tool that can help you with all aspects of data management and analysis?
Do you need to manually update your data regularly?
Are you tired of going through manual process to prepare and transform data?
Is data monitoring keeping you up at night?
The Cure
Why automators love Ludis?
Real-time data
Keep your dashboards up to date with the latest data.
Track and monitor
Keep an eye on your data pipelines and receive emails about anything that should be on your radar.
Centralized platform
Streamline your data analysis process with our all-in-one centralized platform
Enterprise support
We offer a comprehensive solution for any data analysis needs with enterprise support.
How does it work?
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