Easy dashboard deployment to share with your team

We empower users to code and deploy their own interactive apps with ease. While having full control over the sharing of insights within their organization.

Image showing in line coding experience on Ludis Analytics. This preview the coding environment that data science team members can expect to useContact Us
The Publisher's Struggles
Common pain points
Is it hard for you to deploy dashboards?
Do you need to deal with multiple stakeholders with varying levels of expertise?
Are you frustrated to have to use multiple software tools?
Are you concerned about the security of your sensitive data?
The Cure
How does it work?
Flexible coding environment
Build powerful applications in your preferred language with our flexible code editor
Fine-grained access control
Take control of your data sharing with personalized access control
Self-service deployment
We offer built in support for Streamlit, Python Dash, and R Shiny Frameworks
Centralized platform
Streamline your data analysis process with our all-in-one centralized platform
How does it work?
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