Empower your data-driven decisions with custom apps built in minutes

Easily create custom apps to consume insights from your data, all without the need for coding.

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The Targeter's Struggles
Common pain points
Are you drowning in data but struggling to make sense of it all?
Are you having frustrations building out the apps?
Do you often go through constant iterations and tests to get actionable insights?
Are you struggling to build apps without learning a new language?
The Cure
How does it work?
Standardized process
Reduce errors and save time with our standardized and repeatable process.
All skill levels
Create your own apps and gain insights without needing to know how to code.
Template library
Make sense of your data with ease using our library of customizable app templates.
Quick insights, no hassle
Quickly gain valuable insights without any hassle or complex data analysis
How does it work?
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